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Find a therapy to suit your needs

Finding a good therapist is one of the first and most important steps to better wellbeing. But finding a local therapist who fully understands your needs is easier said than done. Where do you start when researching therapies and disciplines? What questions should you be asking yourself when looking for a therapist? How do you find a therapy that works best for you?

We’ve made finding a therapist a little easier by listing some of the most common wellbeing disciplines and their health benefits. Whether you’re looking for an alternative therapy for your back pain, natural methods to reduce your anxiety or just looking to improve your overall health and wellbeing – find a therapy that supports your physical, mental and spiritual health below.

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Hermetic Philosophy

Hermetic Philosophy also known as Hermeticism or Hermetism is based on ancient Greek and Egyptian mythology in which humans are believed to be on a spiritual journey and eventual return to a state of unity with the Divine. It is...

Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy was established by Dr Randolph Stone; a chiropractor, naturopath and osteopath who developed an interest in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dr Stone observed the human body as an energy system, similar

Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing is a no-touch system of healing which utilises the force or energy present in nature. This energy is called ‘Prana’ which is Sanskrit for life-force energy or subtle energy also known as Chi. Prana radiates out from the body...


Psychology is the study of the science of the mind. In particular, the impact the mind has on human behaviour, memory, thinking, language, sensation, perception, emotions, dreams and mental health. Psychology helps you unravel whether

Zen Philosophy

Zen Philosophy is the Japanese form of Mahayana Buddhism developed in China and heavily influenced by Taoism. It is considered a ‘Way of Life’ that aims to achieve enlightenment (a state of oneness with the universe) with intuition and