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Find a therapy to suit your needs

Finding a good therapist is one of the first and most important steps to better wellbeing. But finding a local therapist who fully understands your needs is easier said than done. Where do you start when researching therapies and disciplines? What questions should you be asking yourself when looking for a therapist? How do you find a therapy that works best for you?

We’ve made finding a therapist a little easier by listing some of the most common wellbeing disciplines and their health benefits. Whether you’re looking for an alternative therapy for your back pain, natural methods to reduce your anxiety or just looking to improve your overall health and wellbeing – find a therapy that supports your physical, mental and spiritual health below.



Acupressure is a form of massage therapy originating from China. While the practice is thought to be over 5000 years old, it is still common today and used as an alternative therapy for a wide range of conditions.


Originating in China, acupuncture balances the energies in a person’s body to cure illness and regain harmony.


Aromatherapy is the practice of using plant-based essential oils to improve overall health and wellbeing.


Ayurveda is often referred to as the mother of all healing and is one of the oldest alternative medicine systems in the world. Far more a lifestyle than a diet, a famous Ayurvedic saying is, “When diet is wrong, medicine...

Bowen Therapy

Bowen therapy, also known as The Bowen Technique, is a soft tissue therapy which uses a gentle rolling massage to alleviate a wide range of conditions. 


Breathwork refers to any type of breathing exercises or techniques where a conscious control of breathing is said to influence a person’s mental, emotional or physical state, with the aim of entering a different state of awareness.


Kinesiology is a complementary holistic therapy which uses muscle testing techniques to understand how our body is functioning and identify any areas of imbalance.


Humans have used herbs as a remedy since the beginning of time. Despite the advancements in modern medicine, 70% of the developing world still relies on alternative herbal treatments to treat anything from simple skin issues like wounds and rashes...

Life Coaching

Life coaching evolved from sports coaching and business coaching, on the principles of self-improvement. It stems from an understanding that we often need guidance, motivation and support to help us overcome any obstacles that stand

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is the manual manipulation of soft body tissues (muscles, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments) to enhance a person’s health and wellbeing.


Meditation is a relaxation technique designed to still the mind, improve your breathing, and create a sense of inner peace. By focusing your mind on a particular object, thought, or activity – you can train your attention and awareness to...

Nutrition Therapy

You are what you eat. The proverbial quote that implies what we put in our bodies has a direct effect on our health and state of mind.  Eating well doesn’t just affect our weight, skin or gut. It is critical...


Reflexology is a therapeutic massage that uses pressure points on the feet, hands and ears to stimulate the body’s natural healing process. Its origins can be traced all the way to ancient Egypt where archaeologists found paintings of people receiving...


Reiki is based on the premise that healing is a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experience. A physical body may be cured of an illness, but can leave a person emotionally and mentally exhausted. The purpose is to heal the...

Sound Therapy

Sound therapy is a deep, immersive practice which uses the power of sound to reduce stress and improve relaxation in the body and mind.

Tai Chi

Commonly referred to as “moving meditation”. Tai chi is a mind-body practice originating from China and a traditional non-competitive martial art form.   What is Tai Chi? Tai chi, also known as tai chi chuan, stems from Chinese martial arts....


Yoga is a mind and body practice with thousands of years of history in ancient Indian philosophy. Various styles combine physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation or relaxation.

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