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Join our Facebook group and connect with Practitioners just like you. Get help, share insights and hear all about the latest news and trends in the industry.

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Clients love hearing from Practitioners in the industry and learning about how their disciplines can help with clients’ needs. Get spotlighted by publishing an article with us.

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Are you a leader in your field? Do you have knowledge to share? Clients are always asking us questions and we connect them with Practitioners who can help – a great way to find new clients!

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Holistify Resource Pool

The Resource Pool is an ever-growing repository of wonderful tools, links and information to help you manage all aspects of your Holistic Health and Conscious Wellbeing Business.

Our aim is to empower your business so you can focus on serving your clients.

Best of all – its completely free! 

What can you expect to find?

See below and enjoy all theses resources completely free, courtesy of Holistify

Business Tools

Download planning marketing and finance tools to help you manage your business effortlessly.

Helpful Websites

Here’s a list of links to website with free resources you can use in your business


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Need help?

Find guides, FAQs and other useful information to support and empower you in business

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Benefits for your business

Your own business website

Use our marketplace to create your own web page with a unique URL to drive clients straight to your business. 

Your services advertised

Appointments, workshops, classes, events or retreats and more! You can advertise as many services as you like, each with a unique URL. 

Let us do the marketing for you

We run digital ad campaigns, events and promotions to attract clients to your business and services.

Connect with more clients

As the home of conscious wellbeing, we’re the place to go when exploring wellbeing. You will be visible to new clients!

Your business – On the Go

No matter where you are, our marketplace will be in the palm of your hand. Create your services, take bookings and contact your clients on the go.

More bookings, be open 24/7

Your clients can find and book your services around the clock. Wake up to new bookings and watch your business grow.

Engage clients with your content

Knowledge builds trust. With our marketplace you can share articles and advice to attract and engage more clients.

Grow your income effortlessly

Our marketplace will take the stress out running your business. We do the hard work so you can focus on serving your clients. After all, that’s what it’s all about.

Fast and secure payments

We will use Stripe so your money is safe! You receive the cash shortly after a booking to help keep your business flowing smoothly.