What is Holistify?

We are catalysts for transformative change. We are the champions of holistic health and conscious wellbeing. We believe in Elevated Wellbeing for Everyone!

  • We create empowering resources.
  • We help you explore, engage and embrace your wellness.
  • We connect you with disciplines centred in holistic health and conscious wellbeing.
  • We support your personal connection with the Self , community and the universe.


Why was it founded?

Founded by Joanna Harris, Holistify was born out of a personal transformational journey that opened her eyes to a better and more fulfilling life.

Because of the profound learnings and self-awareness that Joanna uncovered, it was absolutely true for her to begin a new chapter to inspire the global community to embrace holistic health and conscious wellbeing and share her vision for elevated wellbeing for everyone.