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FAQs and Knowledge Base

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What is Holistify?

We are catalysts for transformative change. We are the champions of holistic health and conscious wellbeing. We believe in Elevated Wellbeing for Everyone!

  • We create empowering resources.
  • We help you explore, engage and embrace your wellness.
  • We connect you with disciplines centred in holistic health and conscious wellbeing.
  • We support your personal connection with the Self , community and the universe.


Why was it founded?

Founded by Joanna Harris, Holistify was born out of a personal transformational journey that opened her eyes to a better and more fulfilling life.

Because of the profound learnings and self-awareness that Joanna uncovered, it was absolutely true for her to begin a new chapter to inspire the global community to embrace holistic health and conscious wellbeing and share her vision for elevated wellbeing for everyone.


Connecting a community of like-minded people, practitioners and wellbeing experts. Whether its article or answers, this is where holistic health and conscious wellbeing clicks!

Practitioner’s Community    |   Everyone’s Community


Resource Pool

Wellbeing shouldn’t cost the earth. We serve the community and businesses with tools, resources and guides for their journey – All free of charge.

Resources for Practitioners    |   Resources for Everyone



Coming Soon! Curious about cupping, in need of a naturopath or looking for your next client? We are launching a marketplace for you to advertise or search for holistic services all in one place. Stress free, as it should be.

Marketplace for Practitioners    |   Marketplace for Everyone

You can become part of our community through social media, including FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

You can also access any content for free without an account  –  Resources for everyone  –   Resources for Practitioners

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We are a multi-discipline, multi-provider platform – we do not claim there is only one way for everyone as we are all different.

So we champion all disciplines in the Holistic Health & Conscious Wellbeing space who focus on connecting with our higher purpose, with each other and the world around us.

Check out our disciplines here and if you have suggestions on other disciplines for us to champion, then please do email us..

Not sure what’s right for you? Use our Ask an Expert form for your query and our network of experts will be able to advise you.


You know there is something more out there to connect with and you would like to discover what it is, and how it will serve and empower you.

You want to be more conscious and aware, you’re curious and inquisitive – you want to grow and be connected.

You want to discover disciplines, techniques and practitioners for elevating your wellbeing.

Join the community to find out more here.

We work with Holistic Health and Conscious Wellbeing practitioners and experts, businesses and institutions whose aim is empowering elevated wellbeing for everyone


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