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Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy was established by Dr Randolph Stone; a chiropractor, naturopath and osteopath who developed an interest in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Dr Stone observed the human body as an energy system, similar to a battery or a magnet, with positive, negative and neutral points through which energy called Prana or Chi flows.

Polarity therapy embraces the fundamentals of ‘Polarity’ in that there exists a point of balance in the middle of the attraction between two opposing forces – negative and positive – and maintaining this balance, within and around the body, helps perpetuate a state of good health and wellbeing.


What are the benefits of Polarity Therapy?

Polarity Therapy recognises that there are three types of electromagnetic energy fields in the body. Long currents that run north to south, transverse currents that run east to west; and spiral currents that expand out from the navel.

Balancing these electromagnetic fields inspires positive changes and facilitates personal transformations in physical health, level of energy, range of movement, mood and mind, level of stress and pain, and relationship dynamics.

Polarity therapy blends the art of balancing the electromagnetic fields with hands-on energy healing work and re-enforces this with the science of nutrition, exercise and counselling for a completely holistic approach to healing.

Polarity therapy recognises that a congested toxic body inhibits the flow of energy, so you could be advised to follow a cleansing or detoxifying diet full of natural foods. The exercise involved with Polarity Therapy is not fitness training but a special form of Polarity Yoga used to relax muscles, ease pain and improve posture.


What does a typical Polarity Therapy appointment look like?

Initially you’ll discuss the health issues that you are looking to address, plus discuss your current style of eating, level of fitness and exercise.

Once up on the treatment couch the Polarity Therapist scans your electromagnetic fields and physical body for any energy blocks or imbalances.

During the hands-on energy work you may be encouraged to discuss any negative thought patterns or negative aspects of your relationships, work or lifestyle.

You’ll leave with tips on how to improve your diet, a set of simple Polarity Yoga movements to be practices a few times a week and some counselling strategies to help transform your negative thoughts into positive ones.


How do I find a Polarity Therapist that suits me?

First, identify why you want to embrace Polarity Therapy as this will guide you towards the best-fit therapist.

For relationship issues or major life transitions, perhaps look for a therapist that has more counselling skills and experience.

When addressing a health complaint such as a digestive issue, then a more nutrition focused therapist would be appropriate.

If you have restrictive movement, posture problems of a sedentary job or lifestyle then Polarity Yoga and energy work could be worthwhile.

For those dealing with diagnosed degenerative diseases or chronic pain, an experienced energy worker could be the best match.