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Life Coaching

Life coaching evolved from sports coaching and business coaching, on the principles of self-improvement. It stems from an understanding that we often need guidance, motivation and support to help us overcome any obstacles that stand in the way of success.

Life coaching aims to provide a framework that facilitates introspection and reflection. This encourages a person to objectively look at their life and determine a structured approach that empowers them to progress towards their goals.

These structuring techniques can provide focus, forward-thinking, action and clarity assessments. When combined, they can show you ‘how’ to achieve a happy, fulfilling and more meaningful life.

What are the benefits of life coaching?

Life coaching helps you move out of your comfort zone. It can help you have the confidence to express your feelings in relationships and fill in the gaps in your skillset. This can move you forward in your career and encourages you to do more of the things that make your heart sing.

Working with a life coach helps you problem-solve the difficult emotions or behavioural patterns that keep you stuck. They give you steps to put into practice that help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Life coaching gives you the chance to reflect on all aspects of your life – home, work, relationships, finances, family dynamics, friendships, diet, exercise, health and vitality – and reformulate each of these areas.

You may have tried to make changes before but failed to achieve your goals or sustain your progress. Working with a coach helps you set achievable goals with realistic steps.


What does a typical appointment look like?

Appointments can last from 45-60 minutes and can be face-to-face, via phone or Skype. Initially, the life coach will ask you questions that help to determine the areas of your life that need some attention.

You’ll get a chance to discuss and review the emotional blocks, difficulties, confidence issues, lack of skills or behavioural issues that hold you back from naturally progressing with your personal development.

By using a range of coaching styles based on psychological principles such as NLP, your life coach helps you formulate your goals and create an action plan of things to achieve before your next appointment.


How do I find a Life Coach that suits me?

There are a few different styles of life coaching so it’s a good idea to select a style that suits your personality, level of organisation and area of life that you’ll be working with.

Holistic coaching looks at the issues or goal in relation to your whole life. 3D coaching has a framework of debugging, direction and development. Vision coaching focuses on forward-thinking. Mindfulness coaching focuses on reducing stress, anxiety and tension and Solution-Focused coaching is used to help with goal setting and life direction.


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