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Hermetic Philosophy

Hermetic Philosophy also known as Hermeticism or Hermetism is based on ancient Greek and Egyptian mythology in which humans are believed to be on a spiritual journey and eventual return to a state of unity with the Divine.

It is also believed that spiritual growth can only be achieved through human effort.

The original transcripts detailing Hermetic Philosophy included a wide range of subjects. This includes discussing cosmic principles, to the nature and order of beings, the human desire to connect with the Divine and the uses of magic, astrology, alchemy, magic, mysticism and alternative medicine.


What are the benefits of Hermetic Philosophy?

Benefits of Hermeticism are drawn from the knowledge that you are interconnected with all things and beings, through the concept – as above so below. Therefore, a connection exists between you and the Divine.

Hermetic teachings bring an awareness that there are consequences to all thoughts, words and actions. The way you conduct yourself in your day-to-day life is hugely important in both your inward and outward expressions.

Balance and harmony are the aim so that you can achieve a state of equilibrium between your soul/spirit (above) and your matter/body (below). When this equilibrium is reached then spiritual growth can occur.

Hermetic Meditations are used to help promote this harmony but these teaching extend beyond your body. They include your home, relationships, work and the way you cope in stressful situations, encouraging you to find harmony in all your interactions.


What does a typical Hermetic Mediation class look like?

There are three aspects to a Hermetic Meditation class.

First to learn to control the mind to free yourself from the interruption of thoughts. Next is to train your physical body to become strong, flexible and able to sit motionless for the meditation. These first two steps help you connect to your higher self (above), and lastly is to align yourself with balance, harmony and equilibrium.

Hermetic Meditation classes involve a 10-step Soul-Mirror process with teachings of how to balance the elements (earth, fire, water, air) which influence our physical, mental and spiritual health and to develop mind-spirit, astral-emotional and physical-body connections and introspection.


How do I find a specialist that suits me?

Due to the mystical and mythical nature of Hermetic Philosophy, the style of language that teachers use can very form one teacher to another.

Some teachers focus more on balancing the elements providing advice on how to reduce fire if you are experiencing anger or inflammation. Whereas others may be far more spiritual in their approach and focus more on the soul/spirit connection to the Divine.

There are also teachers who provide more of a reflective approach. This highlights where your actions, words and thoughts have created issues and disharmony in your work, relationship, finances and life-flow.


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