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Chakra Therapy

Chakra Therapy (chakra balancing) is a form of vibrational medicine, which restores the strength, intensity and frequency of energy that flows through seven energy centres (chakras).

The Chakra system originated in India and forms part of the yogic philosophy and chakra means ‘Wheel of Light’ in Sanskrit. Each chakra receives, assimilates and transmits energy of a certain colour and frequency and ‘energises’ the corresponding body areas influencing physical, mental, emotional, spiritual wellbeing.

The chakras run vertically up the body from root (base of the spine), to sacral (below navel), to solar plexus (above navel), to heart (centre of chest), to throat (front of neck), to third eye (forehead) and crown (top of head).


What are the benefits of Chakra Therapy?

There are many benefits of Chakra Therapy from helping relieve stress, pain and anxiety to deepening your spiritual connection or enabling your life to flow more freely.

Each chakra nourishes bundles of nerves, specific organs and supplies different body systems with prana ‘Life-force’ energy. Poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle habits, lack of exercise and troubled relationships can cause the chakras to slow down and shut down – what was a vibrant, fast spinning, colourful energy centre becomes dim, faded and small.

The ramifications of a diminished chakra ripples out through the body and mind being expressed as physical, mental and emotional issues, relating to the area of the body the chakra is associated with.

A chakra therapist uses their hands to sense the strength of each chakra and channel prana into weak chakras. A balanced, fully open and charged chakra system reflects a life that is open, full of opportunities and vibrant health.


What does a typical Chakra Therapy session looks like?

A Chakra Therapy session is a deeply relaxing and restorative. It’s a good idea to wear loose comfortable clothing and if the therapy involves massage with oils then wear clothes that you don’t mind getting oil on. Initially, you may be asked to discuss your health issues, emotional state and life struggles or difficulties.

Once you are on a treatment couch the therapist gently places their hands on (or above) your body to assess any energy blocks, stagnations or weakness. The therapist then channels prana through their hands to boost any chakras that are out of balance.


How do I find a specialist that suits me?

While most therapists use a gentle hands-on energy channelling technique, some therapist use additional chakra balancing techniques such as massage with essential oils or vibrational healing essences such as crystal, flower or animal essences.

Others use meditation techniques to help you visualise the chakras being restored and balanced, coloured light can also be used to help energise individual chakras.

Crystals may also be placed on the chakras to revitalise weak chakras. Some therapists are very spiritual in their approach whereas others are more practical.