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Hello, we’re Holistify, the new home of holistic therapies.

Whether you are new to the world of complementary and alternative therapies, someone who regularly practices, or simply want to discover more, Holistify is here for you. Our booking platform empowers you to learn more about holistic therapies, find practitioners you trust, and book conveniently online. Read on to learn more about us. 
about us

Holistify Team

We’re a small team of holistic practitioners & enthusiasts who are dedicated to making the world a more balanced place.

Jo – Founder & CEO

Jo manages large scale transformation projects for financial services by day, and works on transforming her own personal path in life by night.

After two decades of experimenting with holistic therapies and alternative ideologies, seeking an explanation to her depression, a surplus of creative energy and a fascination with the unknown – it was after a particular workshop that it all became clear to Jo. That she was put on this earth to help those who help others.

Jo created Holistify to increase global awareness of the power holistic therapies can have on individuals lives. To connect people with natural energies, and disconnect them from the stresses of modern living. To empower spiritual healers and help them to reach wider audiences. And ultimately, to make holistic healthcare practices accessible to everyone.

Favourite therapy: a sucker for an aromatherapy massage, loves to try anything experiential.

Isabelle – Marketing Manager

Growing up, Isabelle was lucky enough to have an aromatherapist for a mum who introduced her to the world of holistic medicine from a young age. Over the years, she’s felt the life-changing effects these therapies can have on the body and the mind. To name a few, she’s used aromatherapy to treat sports injuries, acupuncture to deal with allergies, and practises yoga and meditation on a daily basis.

She’s proud to be part of the Holistify family. Having worked as a yoga teacher herself, she knows first-hand the difficulties many practitioners and therapists deal with every day.

Favourite therapy: Shirodhara, the ancient ayurvedic head massage. She also loves a good guided meditation.

Becky – Marketing Manager

Becky didn’t discover the world of holistic therapies until her early 30’s, but once she did she was hooked for good. She’s currently enjoining experimenting with many different therapies and understanding how they can each complement her life. As a regular CAM customer, Becky is delighted to work for Holistify as she certainly understands the struggles of trawling through google to find her therapy and practitioner.

Favourite Therapy: When asked what her favourite holistic therapy is, she said she couldn’t yet decide as she has too many left to try!

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