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About Holistify

We’re making health and wellbeing practices accessible to everyone.


Holistify is a modern, easy to use booking platform for small health and wellbeing businesses. By championing the best therapists and practitioners in their field and helping them to better manage their business, we’re enabling them to reach new customers and share their expertise. 


Our mission is to empower everyone to take better care of themselves. You don’t have to be ill before you get well.

Meet the team passionate about your health and wellbeing

As a small team of wellness enthusiasts and self-employed practitioners, we are determined to help the world become a healthier place.

Founder & CEO

Jo manages large scale transformation projects for financial services by day, and works on transforming her own personal path in life by night.

After two decades of experimenting with holistic therapies and alternative ideologies, seeking an explanation to her depression, a surplus of creative energy and a fascination with the unknown – it was after a particular workshop that it all became clear to Jo. That she was put on this earth to help those who help others.

Jo created Holistify to increase global awareness of the power holistic therapies can have on individuals lives. To connect people with natural energies, and disconnect them from the stresses of modern living. To empower spiritual healers and help them to reach wider audiences. And ultimately, to make holistic healthcare practices accessible to everyone.

Favourite therapy: a sucker for an aromatherapy massage, loves to try anything experiential.

Marketing Manager

Growing up, Isabelle was lucky enough to have an aromatherapist for a mum who introduced her to the world of holistic medicine from a young age. Over the years, she’s felt the life-changing effects these therapies can have on the body and the mind. To name a few, she’s used aromatherapy to treat sports injuries, acupuncture to deal with allergies, and practises yoga and meditation on a daily basis.

She’s proud to be part of the Holistify family. Having worked as a yoga teacher herself, she knows first hand the difficulties many practitioners and therapists deal with every day.

Favourite therapy: Shirodhara, the ancient ayurvedic head massage. She also loves a good guided meditation.

Marketing Manager

With a background in healthcare marketing, Sara’s been telling doctors what to read and do for the last 10 years. And as she gets older and wiser, she’s realised what we all need is a little less conversation, and a little more action, please. Quitting her day job and becoming a full-time yoga teacher was the most satisfying and rewarding experience in her career to date.

Over two years, she made friends with her students, got to know their deep secrets and had the fortune of watching their personal growth each week. All because she helped them to breathe a little deeper and stand a little taller. But she knows those highs came with a lot of lows, and a lot of fumbling around in the dark, pretending how to run her own business. That’s why she’s here at Holistify, creating a much-needed community for all the self-employed angels, helping them to spread their wings.

Favourite therapy: find her at the gong bath, soaking up those good vibrations.

Our health and wellbeing platform is launching Spring 2021

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