We love our community feedback!

Thanks to you we have rolled out lots of improvements and adjustments to the beta version of myTOM.

We are still creating guides and FAQs for some of these so please feel free to email us for any help or feedback in the meantime.

Here's a few of the main feature updates;


Want to offer free taster services?

We have currently enabled this under the ‘Events’ service type and you can select ‘free’ to remove the payment option for your customers.

This will then show up on the user’s search results as a ‘Free Service’

Currently available on the ‘Event’ service type and can be used for any service that takes place virtually whether a webinar or phone call.

Although it only currently appears on Events, you can still use this category for other types of services as there is no difference.

Also the Address Fields on the other service types can be used to enter other information such as virtual event details.

You can easily choose your own bespoke URL for both your Profile and your Services e.g. your unique business name or workshop name.

  • Profile – Go to Settings on your Profile
  • Service – click on your Service image from the dashboard and edit the URL here.

You can now book services from your practitioner account by switching to ‘Customer’

Click on the drop down arrow under your name on the top green bar.

Yes you can change your email on your account!

Just go to Settings on your profile

Easily share your Services and Profile page on social media with the sharing icon found next to the Edit icon on either your Profile or Service pages.

You can encourage your customers to do the same!

Thank you to our practitioner feedback, you can now use international mobile numbers upon sign up