Renown Speaker, Martin Laschkolnig Talks with TOM

And we would have him back a thousand times over!


TOM enjoyed our interview with Martin as he is so full of humour and so inspiring! Its not surprising as he is a professional speaker, and a best selling author.

What we loved most, aside from his Austrian charm, is the depth of his expertise and his humanness. Martin so beautifully brings together a wealth of insight in the areas of personal development, change and leadership and makes them engaging and practical. With his easy-going manner, its no wonder he inspires audiences around the globe.

If you love inspirational yet practical strategies for making the most of your life, navigating the inevitable change, or becoming a better leader and experience less stress, then you should find out more about Martin.

From business to Buddhism, from control and meditation his wit and knowledge are unsurpassed.


“You have thoughts? No worry, meditate anyway. You have no thoughts? You are right – meditate anyway.”

Martin Laschkolnig


See Martin’s interview with TOM here:

We loved Martin and we think you will too.

His manner is engaging and supported by rhetorical brilliance, enthusiasm and of course, humanness.



About Martin:

Martin unites East and West and his content and strategies. His hunger for inner growth made him go to India for a Western business education. For three years he studied Buddhist philosophy with Tibetan monks and high performance, energy psychology and personality development in the USA. The application of all this he has been using in his companies for over 20 years.

Today he inspires people with his lectures, seminars and programs on 4 continents to a fuller life with more joy, inner peace and better results in business and private life. He is an expert in success, self-esteem and self-confidence, and how they affect leaders and their teams. He has inspired and inspired audiences in Europe, North America, Africa and the Middle East as a captivating and inspiring lecturer and seminar leader in German and English.

Martin is the founder and director of the Institute for Potential Development in Linz, Austria and a member of the Association of Transformational Leaders Europe (ATL Europe).


Find out more about Martin and make him the keynote at your next event!