De-Programming with Marion

From programming computers to de-programming people, Marion shares with us insights into belief patterns. She has amazing insights into clearing blockages that hamper success and she draws from a combination of ancient wisdom and cutting edge modern scientific technologies.

Through this, and her passion for fun, Marion offers incredible transformational experiences to reduce stress and expand the happiness and abundance in all areas of your life.

Marion calls herself a professional joy finder and I guess that is why she was so much fun to interview. But make no mistake, she has some seriously powerful tools and techniques on offer. These can help you to find your WHY, achieve more and be free, fulfilled and fabulous!


“Change is Inevitable. Misery is OPTIONAL!”

Marion Bevington


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About Marion:

Marion BevingtonFUN therapist who specialises in coaching and mentoring business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs. Marion shows them how to manifest profitable business growth, and to develop awesome public speaking and communication skills.

As a Health Coach and Yoga Teacher, she’s also got an awesome suite of programs for teaching Yoga to computer users and desk bound city workers. This helps release stress and stiffness from body and mind.

Marion is a member of the Association of Transformational Leaders Europe (ATL Europe).

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