TOM breathes it all in with Isik TlabarIsik Tlabar Talking with TOM

I met with Isik at her beautiful apartment in Finchley, eager to learn all about breathwork. Isik is a transformational coach and breathwork facilitator and I was there to interview her and experience her breathwork session, one-on-one.

In the interview below, Isik talks about how we trap emotions (energy in motion) in the muscles and tissues of our body. Energy is supposed to move, but we we stop ourselves from experiencing, accepting and letting go of an emotion. We trap it in the body, which can cause dis-ease.

Perhaps you don’t allow yourself to cry, especially if you are a man, there could be shame around crying. Maybe when you grew up, you were told to stop crying so you learnt to push sadness under the carpet whenever it came up. Or maybe you learnt to suppress your anger, or even happiness.

What happens is, anything you’re not allowing yourself to feel in the moment, your body remembers. It has its own incredible intelligence. It stores these emotions and energetical blocks to be released when it feels safe to release.

“Through movement, breathwork, emotional release, you have an opportunity to release tension and trauma in the body so you can feel free, empowered and yourself again”

Isik Tlabar

Isik Tlabar share with TOM how breathwork works!

Find out more about this incredible technique with Isik

Learn more about breathwork

Following the interview, I had a one-to-one session with Isik. Read my blog if you’d like to know what happened, and how it felt for me.

Isik also shares some simple breathing techniques you can apply now quickly and easily, in your life. Try them out.

Breathwork is a great tool for you to feel, process anything that needs to be released leaving you feeling calm, grounded and free. It can be very effective if you experience:

  • Stress
  • Suppressed anger
  • Grief
  • Living in your head
  • Problem sleeping
  • Being weighed down by work and life
  • Feeling responsible for others

Through breathwork, you may experience deep relaxation, feeling of expansion and lightness, more compassion and a deeper connection with self, emotional release and letting go of the past.

About Isik

Isik learnt about personal & spiritual growth, through her mum, who is a therapist in Istanbul. She experience several different disciplines from a young age, and always enjoyed the learning. While studying architecture, Isik kept up her spiritual learning.

Soon she discovered architecture was not for her, but Isik also realised she didn’t know what was, and moreso, that she was giving away her power to everyone else by asking ‘What do you think I should do?’, ‘What’s my life purpose?’. It occurred to her that no one knew what was best for her apart from her.

Isik is now a powerful and incredibly insightful coach who is making profound differences in her client’s lives. Read more about her work.

Find Isik on myTOM – Group Breathwork Sessions from £25.00   One-on-One breathwork Sessions from £80