The Hero’s Journey of a Conscious Entrepreneur

If you’ve seen a movie, read a book or gone to a play?  Then you are probably familiar with the hero’s journey. It starts with a main character, the hero, who is an ordinary person unaware of their power or purpose. Think of Starwars’ Luke Skywalker, or Neo in The Matrix.

The movie begins with the hero in hiding – Thomas Anderson is just a computer hacker. Then he meets Morpheus, who gives him the red pill and then guides him to his destiny as Neo. Neo battles with the baddies, Agents, who are stronger and so he doubts his power and rejects his purpose.

Through much struggle and conflict (and a trip to the Oracle), Neo must accept his purpose and embrace his power. Only when he has done this, can he face Agent Smith and the other Agent and allow good to triumph. And of course, he saves the day, gets the girl and is celebrated for the hero he has been all along.


The Human Journey

There is a reason that such films, books and plays capture our attention and are successful. It is because this is the story of the human’s journey. We are all born powerful, intuitive and complete but in childhood we created definitions about ourselves and the world. And since then, we have lived in hiding, with our limiting beliefs.

And here we tend to stay, as it is comfortable and know. We play out the ‘story’ of our beliefs over and over, just in different settings and situations. Yet, sometimes we meet a wise teacher in the form of a friend, a stranger, a book or even a traumatic event which tells us ‘something has got to change’.

This insight that we gain can be revolutionary and we march forward into this new ideal. We feel brave, until we are faced with challenges, the challenges of our own beliefs. All too often, when the conflict arises, it is easier to return to our old familiar self, than to face the unknown, our power!


Conscious Hero?

My coach (and wise teacher), William Whitecloud, calls this hero’s journey “the battle of evermore“. Stepping into our power, only to have the conflict of our own stories try to pull us back to safety. Our ego never gives up trying to help us stay out of danger!

In creating The Oneness Movement, I know there is truth in what he says. I want to step into my power and create my vision, my heart’s desire, but my ego wants me to play small and go back to safety. And sometimes, I do wish I had taken blue pill and not the red one, so I could stay small. But that would not serve me or the highest good.

So, I have decided to write this blog series to share with you my hero’s journey. You see, I know this journey will take my will, my courage and my strength, to battle with my own internal baddies. But l also know what lies beyond and it is far greater than my “perceived” struggle to find it.



I have a big vision for The Oneness Movement and for the conscious wellbeing of the world. But l also have my own unique set of limiting beliefs, my own concept of how l was wounded and what strategies I think I have to employ to keep me safe from further harm. My ego, and my ‘stories’ play out in my life and I am in the struggle and conflict of accepting my power and embracing my purpose.

But my vision is bigger than my petty stories and limiting beliefs. Writing my journey is a great tool of awareness for me, helping me to uncover beliefs that may be holding me back. It helps me gain insight on behaviors that are not supporting my role as CEO, so I can grow into the leader which this movement needs.

l hope that in sharing my hero’s journey, you will feel inspired and empowered for your own hero’s journey.