TOM connects with Taylor Roark of Galliant Trainings

Taylor RoarkModern scientists are uncovering how consciousness and reality work. What they are finding is that the reality you experience is intrinsically connected with and shaped by what is happening in your consciousness.

In other words, the choices that you make determine the outcomes that you experience in life.

Taylor is a passionate speaker and founder of Galliant Trainings. He talks to TOM about using conscious choice to create what you would truly desire for yourself.

By understanding the mechanics of creating you can connect you to your innate creative power, formulate you true vision and creating the end results that you desire. We are all individuals and we are all connected and by taking a deeper look into this paradox, we can begin to understand Truth.

Find out more about creating with Galliant Training from our interview with Taylor Roark.

Taylor Roark Talks with TOM


About Galliant Trainings

Galliant Trainings teaches you to open up to life AS possibility. Life is not defined; it’s not determined. Life emerges from the possibility of a moment, the possibility of uncovering the wonder, mystery, exploration and creation of all the possibilities within you.

If anything and everything is possible, and it is, what would emerge for you? Let Galliant Trainings help you discover your possibility of possibilities!

Taylor Roark

Taylor is the Founder of Galliant Trainings, empowering people to connect with and create what they would love in all areas of their lives. Taylor is an Ambassador for Transformational Change and a Facilitator and Coach to Living Creatively. He is also the Founder of the Ministry of Free Hugs, changing the world one hug at a time!

Taylor has worked purposefully and consciously with Intuition for over 10 years and has been accredited to Level 4 Mastery through Natural Success Academy.  Taylor also provides strategic advisory and consulting services to organisations across a broad range of industries drawing from 20 years of legal, strategic and commercial experience in renewable energy projects and corporate transactions around the world.