Lucy Nolan on the Features of myTOM

TOM's Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Lucy Nolan talks to us about myTOM.

myTOM is our new product for the Conscious Wellbeing community which is launching soon. She shares the concept of myTOM and the exciting features and benefits available for Practitioners and their clients.

myTOM is a brand new way to discover your conscious wellbeing. Tap into classes, retreats or events from a community of practitioners, teachers and specialists. Our practitioners come from a variety of disciplines, from sound healing to meditation, from chakra therapy to reiki.  With myTOM, you will feel motivated, empowered and enlightened on your wellness journey.

We are excited about the myTOM launch and you can find out more about myTOM here:

myTOM for Conscious Wellbeing

If you would like to know more about myTOM, the please come and Join the Movement.

If you’d love to get involved in our myTOM product testing,

then please contact Lucy at