Do you want to be influencing others, or does the thought of being considered a person of influence, make you cringe, feel a bit embarrassed, or hide away because you don’t see yourself like that?

You may be thinking – ‘Being a conscious wellbeing practitioner, I want to empower, not have influence over, people.’

Are you thinking that to influence = to manipulate?  Perhaps you’re thinking that to be a person of influence you have to be a global success and that’s just a bit overwhelming?

The thing is, if you own your own business; if you work with people in ways that in any way changes the mindset or actions of other people – I’m going to break it to you.  You are already influencing others.

Oprah Winfrey is a conscious-wellbeing influencer. That’s not what she set out to do – she wanted to act – and act she did.  Then she set up her company, the chat show, spoke about what she loved, is passionate about, and what do you know – she’s a global influencer.

You have your own business, and if you don’t have influence over people then your business is not going to thrive.   You need to influence people from the very start – you need clients or customers, right?

You may want investment to grow your idea, or business? To do this you need to influence them in a way that makes it easy for them to give you both time and money.  So how do you do it in a way that sits with your values and morals?


You do it every day.  When you smile at someone you pass in the street, you may brighten their day, or cause them to frown and be suspicious of you!

In business, you want to be consciously influencing people, and you do that in two ways – you attract and repel.  In order to get the best clients and customers, the right speaking opportunities, interviews, collaborations etc …. you want to be doing both.

You heard me, yes, you want people to hear what you have to say and turn away.  Not everyone likes Oprah Winfrey.  That doesn’t stop her being a global influencer.

You might influence someone away from you, good – both your and their time and money is saved.

Three top tips

1. Speak Your Truth:

If you want to have more influence, share your voice. Speak, write, post, vlog, live-stream, network.   When you share your voice, speak your truth.  Be clear on your message, giving people the option to either agree or disagree with you – you will also start to attract more of the people who are truly right for you.

If you are worried about only wanting to have a positive influence on other people, then I remind you that we are all responsible for our own lives, responses and reactions.  However, you can enhance your chances of beneficial outcomes if when you speak, you do so from your deepest truth connected to your higher-purpose.

2. Stop wanting everyone to like you:

For example, you may have decided you like my style and find yourself nodding, agreeing – there is a small amount of influence in your thinking.  You may have decided you disagree with me entirely and haven’t even got this far – or are shaking your head and tutting, there is a small amount of influence in your thinking.

I don’t like everyone I meet.  Why should everyone like me?  The same goes for you – there’s plenty of room in the world for all of us.

3. Offer what they want:

When you have the people who connect with you, offer them what they want.  Be clear on the benefits of working with you that solve the problem they have.  Have proof that your work does that.  This makes it easier for them to say ‘yes’.

Get out there. Get sharing your voice. Get influencing.

Guest Blog by Judith QuinBVAJFQKd_400x400

Vocal Confidence Specialist, Sound Healer & Public Speaking Coach. Find out more on her website Your Whole Voice. 

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