The concept of health and wellbeing is forever evolving! We’ve progressed from an era when your health and lifestyle get an overhaul when feeling unwell, stressed or toxic, to a new dawn of wellness living. Mind-Body-Spirit guru’s such as Deepak Chopra started to pioneer the wellbeing movement decades ago and we now have a stream of celebrities and social wellness influencers such as Gwyneth Paltrow (goop) propelling us towards a new era of conscious living.

Influencers are everywhere

There are an incredible number of social wellness influencers and it’s up to you to create your own top 10 list – who’s voice and views do you want to be influenced by? It helps if you know which transformational shifts you would like to focus on. If you want to change what you eat then you may be interested in following Deliciously Ella or Dale Pinnock the Medicinal Chef and if you need healthy recipes then how about Jamie Oliver or The Green Kitchen. To revamp your natural beauty products tune in to Liz Earle WellBeing or Elle Macpherson.

There are plenty of Wellbeing blogs that provide a stream of inspirational lifestyle, beauty, food and health articles. Catch up with the West Coast buzz from the LA experts that are leading and shaking up the wellness scene with Well+Good or be prompted each morning with ways to align your body, posture and mental strength with Kundalini Yogi Guru Jagat. For your mind, mood and emotions there are heaps of TED Talks to tap into or you could find your inner zen with Jay Shetty. If you are looking for a different approach then you may wish to understand more about life coach Regena Garrepy. Take time to do your own searches on all social media platforms, this way you’ll be able to generate your own list of inspiring influencers.

What does conscious living mean?

In a nutshell conscious living is the art of making conscious choices about how you ‘live’ your life with/in awareness. It’s about following a lifestyle that sustains and enriches your wellbeing (mind-body-spirit), that deeply connects you to your soul purpose (your truth, your essence) and the aim is to feel a sense of fulfillment and oneness. Conscious living is also about how you interact with your surrounding environment both locally (your family, friends, home, work, community) and globally (the planet).

Conscious life considers and values the planet’s resources and ecosystems and the wellbeing of all the creatures and plant life that we share planet earth with. It’s the ultimate sustainable symbiotic lifestyle. Conscious living is not about the destination, it is definitely about the journey that your life will take you on and how you will use your own inner truth and your moral compass to navigate through the twists and turns along the way.

Building your conscious community

If you have got the conscious living buzz then you’ll be wanting to surround yourself with inspiring and motivational sources of information, technology and products that can help transform the way you live your life. The internet provides an incredible resource and by signing up to some of the top social wellbeing influencer’s blogs, podcasts and social media sites you can be assured that you’ll be first to hear about all that’s new and exciting in the world of wellness.

The Oneness Movement will provide a good starting point for getting consciously connected, and will enable you to engage with a safe and secure network in which you can explore your oneness, to be curious and inquisitive about your own personal journey and discover transformations that could help you live a more meaningful and fulfilling life. Moreover, The Oneness Movement will help you open up your life and expand your options so that you can build a community around you that supports you in your own wellness adventure.

Find your wellness tribe

The downside of the internet is that it’s hard to separate fact from fiction and the posting of misinformation can lead you to stray from your wellness goals. The upside of The Oneness Movement is that registered practitioners will be experts in their fields and you will be able to tap into their wisdom and guidance – there will be a wealth of information from a wide range of wellbeing specialists right at your fingertips.

Clear descriptions about each discipline will be added to help you decipher between the therapies you are interested in. If searching for a therapy to help reduce stress you’ll quickly grasp that yoga is an activity involving a series of physical movements with breathing that helps to attune the mind, posture and core strength. Whereas mindfulness is a psychological process that helps improve mental wellbeing by bringing awareness to how we feel or react in the present. Meditation is the practice of using techniques to help focus, calm and silence the mind into a state of stillness and peace.

The Oneness Movement won’t just link you with practitioners of therapies you are interested in, it will also enable you to make real connections with like-minded people providing you with the opportunity to find, build, connect and engage with your own wellness tribe.

Register your interest

It doesn’t matter if you are completely new to the concept of wellness and conscious living, or if you are already familiar with complimentary therapies, mindfulness, yoga and other disciplines. The Oneness Movement will be able to link you with experts that will help you get started with your initial steps forward, and support and guide you as you take your bigger steps in your wellness journey.

The Oneness Movement platform will launch in Spring 2019. In the interim we would like to invite you to register your interest now to be keep up-to-date via our e-newsletter. Moreover, you can benefit from a host of inspirational social media posts so please follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

A simple click to The Oneness Movement website and you are on your way to conscious living.