The wellness industry is expanding and consumers can become easily overwhelmed and confused when searching for an appropriate wellness practitioner to assist their personal development and health and wellness transformations.

So how do you make your appointments, classes, workshops and retreats become instantly appealing to consumers trawling the local, national and global online wellness community?

Here are 3 top tips to help covert clicks into clients…

Tip 1 – Be Instantly Engaging

According to Microsoft Research you have 10 seconds to capture a potential new client’s attention – once you have grabbed their attention you then have 1-2 minutes to describe how your skills, experience, knowledge and ability can help transform their wellbeing.

This means your online profile needs to be focused, concise, clear and informative.

Yes, you need to say a little bit about your professional self (qualifications, years of experience, areas of specialist interest, location) BUT browsers will quickly disengage if you make it all about you!

Keep them captivated by shifting the focus onto them;

  • How would you guide them
  • What support would they receive
  • What’s expected of them?

These potential clients want to know what their wellness experience under your guidance will look and feel like.

Tip 2 – Communicate Appropriately

When it comes to wellness there’s a spectrum of therapies ranging from those nestled close to conventional medicine (physiotherapy, sports massage, psychotherapy, counselling) to the more scientific (functional medicine, genetic testing, nutritional therapy)

to mainstream therapies (acupuncture, homeopathy, osteopathy, reflexology, aromatherapy, life coaching) and at the other end of the spectrum there are the spiritual therapies (yoga, tai chi, Qigong, aura cleansing, crystal healing, psychic readings.)

There are clients searching for practitioners, teachers, guides and gurus in all of these areas.

By choosing the right style of language for your style of therapy, be it scientific, factual, mindful or more spiritual, you’ll quickly attract like-minded clients.

Ultimately your clients want to know that you speak the same language, that they can relate to you and that they will be a welcomed and valued member of your wellness tribe.

Tip 3 – Define your Mind-Body-Spirit (M-B-S) Transformation

The principle of holistic medicine is based around the M-B-S triad in that optimum health and wellbeing is ultimately achieved through the healing and balance of an individual’s mind, body and spirit to create a feeling of fulfilment and oneness.

How does your therapy work within each area of the M-B-S triad and are you effectively communicating this to capture new clients?

Some therapies can be effective in all three areas of the health triad but others may create wellness transformations within just one of the triads.

How do you work within the mind triad – explain how your therapy works with emotions, feelings, behavioural issues, stress or sleep patterns.

Do your practitioner skills help improve a client’s body – boost their fitness or overcome physical health issues – digestive problems, back pain, infections, heart problems, skin issues?

Where are you placed spiritually – how does your therapy help a client achieve enlightenment, install peace or feel attuned to their soul/life purpose or develop a deeper connection to their higher self?

Potential new clients want to know that you will address their health holistically, potentiating their journey towards oneness.

The Oneness Movement

Registering as a practitioner or teacher with The Oneness Movement is a clever way to fast track through these 3 top tips and maximise your online ability to build a busy clinic or holistic health business.

New clients will find you quicker because your listing will be categorised into the therapy or health areas that potential clients are searching for.

By engaging with social channels and forums available through The Oneness Movement you can become instantly visible and quickly build a professional relationship with an audience of like-minded potential clients.

Referrals have always been the best form of advertising and a referral within an online community such as The Oneness Movement reaches further and has more impact than a client could verbally reach.

By making sure that your Oneness Movement online profile delivers on all 3 factors that clients want to know, you’ll be cleverly turning clicks into new wellness clients.