As we approach the third decade of the twenty-first century, we are in the midst of a powerful global shift in our perception of wellness and what it means to live well.

Emerging from the psychological hangover of a new millennium, more and more of us are seeking ways to live conscious, connected lives. We increasingly value the quality of our physical, mental and spiritual experiences, and opportunities for personal growth, over the accumulation of wealth and possessions.

As a result of this increasing focus on health and wellbeing, the global wellness industry is experiencing dramatic growth and the trend is set to continue. This offers exciting opportunities for practitioners aiming to grow their wellness business and help more clients along their wellness journey.

In 2015, the global complementary health market was valued at USD 40.32 billion (GBP 28.87 billion) with Europe and North America accounting for 60% of the value. The wellness industry is predicted to see stratospheric growth over the coming decade, with [state source] anticipating that the global complementary health market will grow to five times its present size by 2025, reaching a value of more than $196 billion.

Different wellness sectors are expected to show varied growth in different territories, with Europe expected to see strength in areas of nutrition and herbal medicine, while Asia will see growing demand for wellness retreats from Western clients. The Middle East, too, is expected to respond to the trend by enhancing its infrastructure in a bid to build wellness tourism.

Globally, these figures paint a picture of an industry on the brink of stellar growth. Demand is well-established and becoming more sophisticated. Clients are looking for more than simply a quick boost, they are investigating how they can build a wellness ecosystem that will support their goals and lives in the long term.

Every client has individual needs and every wellness journey has the potential to incorporate a broad range of complementary activities; from coaching, nutritional therapy and physical wellness activities such as Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates, to meditation, reflexology and more. In unique and balanced combination, they empower each client to discover and live their true purpose.

The challenge for wellness practitioners is how to prepare to capitalise on this growth and reach new clients effectively in a market that will become increasingly competitive and crowded. The answer lies in harnessing your passion for wellness, demonstrating your expertise, and understanding how to make it speak to those who are seeking to enhance their health and wellbeing.

Explore Wellness: Understand your passion and how to speak to it

It can be hard to think about applying marketing principles to a business that is such an organic part of who you are, but your deep connection to your business is a key strength.

Anyone who works in the fields of mind, body and spirit is driven by a passion to help others uncover their true purpose, so take time to articulate your own journey and understand how it has shaped you.

Learn to talk about your business without losing connection with your own initial purpose and drive. This helps you to develop the message that your future clients need to hear to understand what you can offer them. Once you are confident that your message reflects your company you can build a wellness business marketing plan around it.

An authentic message will cut through market noise to reach those who are waiting to hear it.

Engage Wellness: Being discoverable is essential for reaching new clients

You need to understand where your clients can be found and what their interests and motivations are. Market research among your existing client base can be a great starting point to finding new places to promote your business.

Where did they first hear about you? What new activities have they tried recently? What do they like to read? What communities are they part of?

Use this information to make your business visible in the places where clients congregate so you are discoverable when they are looking for wellness inspiration.

Embrace Wellness: the power of community

The wellness community is a powerful asset. Take time to network with businesses who offer services that are complementary to your own. Make connections with others in the sector, share knowledge and build partnerships.

Ask for help, share your challenges and successes, widen your network and be open to new ideas. The wellness industry in an incredibly exciting place to be, populated with a wealth of inspirational and passionate people. Make sure that you play your part in that community and reap its unique benefits.

We stand on the edge of an incredible opportunity to grow as part of a global movement embracing super-conscious, connected living. The right preparation will enable us to communicate our own story, understand our clients’ motivations and build on our unique and powerful community to position ourselves to succeed.

The Oneness Movement aims to be by your side as we navigate these exciting times and together become a force for transformative change, helping more people discover their wellness potential.

We can’t wait!

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